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We synthesize your molecules. Irrespective of whether the molecule has been synthesized before, a new approach is required, or a special compound needs to be prepared at regular intervals under strict quality management conditions – we provide innovative chemical synthesis research, being a trusted supplier of clients from industries such as (bio)pharma, biotech, new materials, analytical labs, diagnostics, academia, research-focused institutes, and governmental authorities.

Getting a quote is easy: just send us your request and we will evaluate the possible synthesis approaches and assess all potential risks & costs employing our scientific know-how. We will prepare a detailed quote considering all your needs (e.g. frequency & scope of documentation, analytical methods, etc.) within a few days.

We have been in the game from 1999, exclusively focusing on synthetic chemistry. In view of this narrow specialization, ChiroBlock can offer even high-risk projects at a fixed price and on a strictly fee-for-success basis. In contrast to other contract models of chemical synthesis projects offered by most suppliers, the price is fixed and no additional costs are incurred if chemical problems arise during synthesis, This provides you with the benefit of risk and cost predictability.

Our broad expertise in synthetic chemistry allows us to create tailor-made solutions for our customers on a daily basis. Implementing state-of-the-art synthesis technologies, latest analytical methods, and well-equipped synthesis laboratories, ChiroBlock is one of the leading European chemical contract research companies with a success rate far beyond the average in this demanding field. Our customers benefit from an unbiased, professional transfer of the latest chemical synthesis know-how to industrial applications.

As a synthetic chemistry company, ChiroBlock offers custom synthesis services and chemical contract research from mg to kg scale exclusively and on demand. From first-time synthesis to regular production – we accompany our customers during the crucial product development stage for a successful future product launch.

Simply send us your request.

We are looking forward to solving your synthetic chemistry problems.

Overview on Chiroblock's Synthesis Services

  •  year established: 1999
  • ownership: privat, staff owned
  • headquarters: Wolfen, Germany
  • facilities: 350 m2 synthesis laboratory & 150 m² kilo lab
  • customers' rating 2022: 4.36/5 (services quality, compound quality, documentation, delivery time, pricing)
  • 100 % recommendation without hesitation

Siegel ChiroBlock CIR ISO MA F&E

Our Synthesis Services at a Glance

Our ReDesignFactory

Route scouting & route optimization aiming at efficiency enhancement, scale-up (process development), IP issues, avoidance of certain technologies/ chemicals, or a more positive environmental impact. Flip the hexagon to see examples.ReDesignFactory


Synthesis Development & Process Optimization

e.g., development of an optimized synthetic approach to a natural compound currently produced by complicated extraction or design of a dye synthesis avoiding numerous chromatographic purification steps that hinder scale-up.

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Our MoleculeFactory

Custom synthesis of commercially non-available compounds (mg–kg), including route scouting for entirely new molecules (e.g., research & reference compounds, isotope-labelled compounds, analytical standards, etc.) mainly for R&D purposes. Flip the hexagon for examples.

Custom Synthesis & Contract Research

e.g., first-time synthesis of an impurity or synthesis of the first samples of a complex molecule for R&D purposes, development of synthetic routes for your building blocks.

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Our SupplyChainFactory

Regular synthesis of supply chain compounds under strict quality management regulations (ISO 9001) – ensuring consistent quality, detailed documentation & strict regulations regarding line clearance and change management. Flip the hexagon for chain allegory chiroblock pic 1


Manufacturing of Custom Chemicals

e.g. a diagnostic company in need of a special polymer for application in medical products; a company of the consumer industry looking for a second supplier of a special functional dye; a cosmetic company in need of a natural compound for use in skin cream.

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