26. August 2013

Achievements in Health – Safety and Environment – The new HSE Report


One central issue in ChiroBlock’s HSE policy is the responsible use of (electrical) energy.

Despite the fact that the conversion of matter requires much energy in most cases, the German chemical industry strives to reduce the energy consumption in order to decrease the environmental footprint of its products and as to support the German Energy Turnaround for Sustainability which was initiated in 2011.

ChiroBlock has been implementing strict energy related in-house rules for both investment decisions and for streamlining internal processes since 2005.

As a consequence, the specific electrical energy consumption per 1000 EUR turnover could be reduced from ~48 kWh in 2005 to ~ 33 kWh in the first six months of 2013. This is an extraordinary low value in the chemical industry.

Together with the fact that ChiroBlock only buys electrical energy from renewable sources (wind, sun, water), these figures push the company in the forefront of world-wide energy efficiency and contribute to our customer’s own energy saving and HSE programs.

If you wish to review our HSE Report please send an email at contact@chiroblock.de


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