25. May 2017

The Importance of Further Training and Education for Employees

Businesses today must do everything possible to stay competitive and maintain a highly qualified and motivated staff. Training presents a prime opportunity to expand the knowledge base of all employees.

One of the most important reasons to offer further training and education to employees is to ensure that work skills stay current. Keeping employees up-to-date with software applications, the latest thinking on chemical methods, and ways to improve efficiency are all necessary to keep the performance on a high level. An unsuccessful company is one that does not keep up with trends in business, that is reluctant to change, and that has an unmotivated job staff with stagnant skills.

ChiroBlock as an ISO 9001 certified company is committed to staff education. We offer all our employees the possibility to train their skills. Not only the chemistry related skills, but also safety trainings and the effective project management are in the focus of our education program.

ChiroBlock was granted support for its staff education program by the European Social Fond. One current example is the funding for training on online marketing techniques with special focus on data privacy, social networking and other new communication tools.

With this further training, we are confident to find better ways to communicate with our customers taking account of the increasing digitalisation of work.

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