5. March 2017

Marriage of Chemistry to Plant-Based Economy

The finite nature of fossil resources has been discussed for decades as well as their negative impact on our environment. The number and decisiveness of real consequences of these facts are not too impressive by now. Single, locally restricted and mainly half-hearted measures have been taken such as the ban of nuclear power plants in single countries or the replacement of a tiny fraction of fuel driven cars by electric operated ones.

Especially the drop of the crude oil prices continues to discourage many actors in the field of a real “green revolution”. Nevertheless, actions have to be taken now in order to prevent dreadful consequences for mankind.

Chemistry plays a crucial role in this transformation to a sustainable economy. Thousands of chemical processes have to be adapted as to remove reagents derived from crude oil or coal. Here, ChiroBlock’s “ReDesignFactory” very well fits into this scenario. We join forces with a local cluster dedicated to “Plant-Based Bio economy”. Participants of public research institutes, of chemical, biochemical and agricultural companies met early this month to discuss new developments, trends and to initiate new, marked oriented R&D projects in this field.

ChiroBlock definitely will continue to contribute to this green (r)evolution by providing brilliant ideas on how to design synthetic routes without relying on fossil and hazardous materials.


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