26. January 2013

Meet us at the 3rd 4chiral workshop on 26th of March in Bitterfeld

ChiroBlock is an established partner and co-founder of the 4chiral network. 4chiral is a network with superior expertise in R&D and production of chiral compounds.

With its motto OUR CORE COMPETENCE IS CHIRALITY this network is conducting research and development projects in the field of chiral compounds, whereby the main focus is on pharmaceutical relevant enantiomers.

The main activities and efforts are on the development and optimisation of new products and technologies and the ordered compound synthetisation and production of well established or new products as well. The development, optimisation and production of catalysts are also vital parts of this network’s expertise.

The Network Offers

  • complementary or alternative process technologies of small amounts on the 0.1 t scale
  • development of new catalysts for enzymatic synthesises development of new ways of synthesis production of precursor substances or agents on the tonne scale
  • a broad offer of search and development capacities
  • analytical and synthetically technologies for the production of chiral compounds

The partners of Network 4chiral cover a wide range of requirements of the worldwide life-science industry:

  • the development of new catalysts for bioenzymatic syntheses
  • the development of new synthetic approaches for chiral chemicals on lab-scale
  • the production of intermediates and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) in bulk quantities under cGMP guidelines

Read more: www.4chiral.de

To discuss the most recent developments and projects all partners will meet on 26th of March 2013 in Bitterfeld.


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