9. October 2018

New Biocides – Symposium at IKTR Institute

On September 25th, the sixth symposium on biocides took place at the IKTR institute in Weißandt-Gölzau (near Bitterfeld-Wolfen). ChiroBlock presented its latest achievements in the field of potential new preservatives for ophthalmics and cosmetics. These new, clearly defined poly cationic compounds combine the safety profile of the known polyquarternium-1 and the activity of the widely used – but toxic – benzalkonium chloride.

The international participants of this conference covered the entire scope of the “biocide universe”: from regulatory issues and novel physical means of controlling pathogens to new concepts of chemical, molecule based biocides for a variety of different applications.

The participants agreed that there is a need for new biocides and, especially, preserving agents as older substances get banned by the authorities. However, the costs of registering and approving a new active compound seem nearly to be completely prohibitive. A promising approach to pave the way for new biocidal compounds is their use with less strictly regulated polymers. ChiroBlock’s new substances were regarded as valuable candidates for replacing old-fashioned preservatives not only regarding ophthalmics but also with respect to new materials and cosmetics.

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