5. August 2014

New Publication on the Cytotoxicity of ChiroBlock’s beta-Nitro Carboxylates

Beta-Nitro carboxylic esters are not only valuable precursors for (enantio pure) amino acid derivatives as ChiroBlock revealed in its “IP-Factory” business field some years ago, but they also proved to exhibit remarkable physiological properties.

A research group headed by Prof. Dr. R. Csuk of the University of Halle investigated the cytotxicity of 2-substituted 3-nitro carboxylates. They managed to show that especially compounds with aromatic substituents are effective toxins with respect to special human cancer cell lines.

The results have now been published in Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett. 24 (2014) 4011. These findings both encourage further research with this promising compound class in the field of life sciences and they constitute an illustrative example of the fruitful collaboration between ChiroBlock and Prof. Csuk’s research group.

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