30. July 2021

New Whitepaper on Synthesis of ICA on large scale

Whitepaper: What if scientists made a further substantial contribution to the fountain of youth? How isocitrate extents the life-span of cells and how new synthesis approaches make this compound available on a large scale

For human beings there is a “natural, intrinsic” age of about 120 years that could be reached without the new and still premature approaches of gene editing and stem cell technology.

Key to getting old is the “young, healthy cell” rather than curing single diseases.

Apart from a healthy life style, also the supplement/administration of some natural compounds, especially members of the so called alpha hydroxyl carboxylic acids, were proven to support cells youth. One prominent member of this compound class, isocitric acid, could not yet unfold its respective potential because of lacking economically feasible production processes. This bottleneck was removed by several research institutions and companies only recently. Now, one can expect many new vitalizing / juvenescent products potentially increasing our life-span that are based on isocitric acid with several application fields in pharma, cosmetics and food industry.

Read the whole Whitepaper here:

Whitepaper on the synthesis of isocitrate on large scale

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