10. April 2014

News from our IPFactory: Lipocalyx starts international distribution for its Viromer technology

Halle, Mar 27th, 2014: Lipocalyx, a company offering the novel Viromer® transfection reagents, today announces the start of its sales in Taiwan, France and China. The company has entered into distribution agreements with GenDiscovery from Taiwan, the French firm Interchim and also with Maibio out of Shanghai, China.

Steffen Panzner, Founder and CEO of Lipocalyx comments: „We are very happy about the massive interest in our products around the world and I am personally impressed by the speed of development. Viromers for RNAi just left the garage about a year ago, we added new reagents in October 2013 and now go international”.

Christian Reinsch, Principal Investigator, adds: “Within about 12 months in the market, Viromers have generated an impressive list of competitive results in extremely challenging models such as primary cells, suspensions cells or in differentiating cells.”

About Viromers: Viromers are transfection reagents for hard-to-transfect cells such as primary, suspension, differentiating or stem cells. Unlike other reagents VIromers feature an active endosome escape mechanism, driving safe and efficient transfection. Optimized Viromers are available for siRNA or miRNA (Viromer BLUE or GREEN) and for DNA plasmids (Viromer RED or YELLOW)

About Lipocalyx: The company specializes in transfection reagents, so-called Viromers. Lipocalyx is situated at the Weinberg campus in Halle (Saale), a local high-tech hub. The company is privately held and received seed money from HTGF, Bonn and IBG, Magdeburg. ChiroBlock, which took a strategical share in Lipocalyx, supports the company in providing sophisticated, new compounds which are part of Lipocalyx’ transfection system.

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