13. July 2013

Report: 2nd quarter 2013


ChiroBlock successfully completed the first major projects in the business field “ReDesign Factory” in 2013.

Here, new, validated synthesis processes on lab scale have been developed which replaced older, less efficient ones.

One customer, for example, benefits from an improved hydrogenation procedure resulting in a substantial reduction of the noble catalyst load. Cost savings of two hundred thousand EUR per year are the positive outcome.

Another scientist was employed in April this year. With a research background from the Leibnitz Institute of Plant-biosciences and with industrial experiences in several US and European companies, he complements ChiroBlock’s R&D staff in an ideal way. He will strengthen our capabilities in the field of chemo enzymatic reactions.

The second quarter of 2013 also was a period of frequent and successful customer audits. As an example, ChiroBlock has qualified for the delivery of a critical supplement to a biotech process.

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