26. January 2016

Sparking the Love for Chemistry

Chemistry naturally is fascinating. It doesn’t take much to enthuse people for this unparalleled mix of science, art and industrial applications – just one spark. However, this ignition doesn’t com from books. Chemistry needs to be touched, made, experienced, observed. For safety reasons, this can’t be done in a garage – instead a lab is needed. ChiroBlock continues to support the local laboratory for pupils. Together with some other companies, we donated money for equipment, chemicals and staff of this unique educational institution. Each year, several hundreds of pupils get in touch with chemical experiments in this way for the very first time.

We regard this as the best mean in order to spark the love for chemistry. And this love, finally, is the basement for the next generation of talented chemists and chemical technicians. Some of them might join ChiroBlock in the future. We are confident: this money pays off and is a worthwhile investment.


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