7. April 2020

Update Corona: How ChiroBlock is affected by Corona

Coronavirus is hitting the economy badly. It forces us all to change the way we do business and causes huge shifts in our way of life.

ChiroBlock has implemented measures in order to minimize the impact of – and the risks associated with – the current pandemic. In the interests of the safety and welfare of our team, we enabled as many staff members as possible to work from home. The rest of our staff has been spread over the now vacant offices and labs, so that currently no more than two staff members are working in the same lab.

We have also implemented new strategies in our purchase department to minimize the delays or non-deliveries of starting materials for our customers’ projects. If necessary, we replace hardly available starting materials by additionally in-house syntheses.

ChiroBlock is trying to get classified as system-relevant as part of the critical infrastructure, as stated by the administrative district office. We provide innovative compounds to researchers in biotech, new materials, pharma and academia who are working on treatments, vaccines and other needed solutions in this difficult fight against SARS-CoV-2. Additionally, we manufacture active compounds for new classes of disinfection agents. As a consequence, we are confident to stay open for business and will continue to provide you with our customary high-quality material for both research and production.

We wish you all to stay healthy and safe.

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