26. May 2013

3rd 4chiral workshop – Free Download


Free Download: Presentations given by Prof. Dr. René Csuk (Professor for Organic Chemistry, MLU), Dr. Jens Holz (Group Leader, Leibniz Institute for Catalysis) and Dr. Sergey Sergeyev (COO, The European Center for Chirality), as well as Dr. Uwe Müller (CEO, HAPILA GmbH)

The 3rd 4chiral workshop was held last week in Bitterfeld/ Wolfen. 4chiral is a network with superior expertise in R&D and production of chiral compounds.

On 26th of March the networking partners met in Bitterfeld/Wolfen to exchange information about new developments, technologies and research projects. ChiroBlock as an established partner and co-founder of the 4chiral network is proud to disseminate some presentations given by experts during the conference.

For your information and for free download:

Prof. Dr. René Csuk: Ausflüge zu regio- und stereoselektiven Reaktionen an Naturstoffen.pdf (GER) (451 KB)

Dr. Sergey Sergeyev: Assignment of the absolute stereochemistry of chiral molecules by vibrational circular dichroism.pdf (VCD) (ENG) (893 KB)

Dr. Jens Holz: Chirale Phospholane für die Synthese enantiomerenreiner Produkte.pdf (GER) (1.1 MB)

Dr. Uwe Müller: Kleine Partikel in der Wirkstoffentwicklung – Particle Design von Wirkstoffen durch Mikrokristallisation.pdf (GER)


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